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Welcome to Gutter Vacuum Systems

Gutter Vacuum Systems was started by Mark Blundell primarily as a window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning company. Until he saw a gutter vacuum he was typically carrying out gutter cleaning the traditional way from a ladder.

He researched various gutter cleaning systems on the market with the intention to purchase, though all of them seemed to be very expensive for what they were.

Mark created his own system and once that testing was complete he knew that he had come up with an efficient system that would not only rival others but would strongly hold it’s place on the market.

Consisting of one of the lightest aerospace aluminium gutter cleaning poles around. Our 20ft set is less than 5 kilos! Each segment is 1.2 metres long and 535 grams in weight, which means it is very light  and compact during transportation. Setting it up is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.


With extensive first hand experience in this industry, we at GVS have improved on the systems that we sell. Our aluminium poles have got lighter and lighter whilst still remaining strong.

We introduced quick release clamps for speed of setting up. This was a great idea as you can tell as all of our competitors have now introduced this with their systems too.

For more information call us on 01603 905501

We don’t only sell the equipment here at Gutter Vacuum Systems, we still get out and use the equipment which means we can answer your questions proficiently.