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Covid/Stock Update
Covid-19 has caused no end for issues for many globally, there’s really no question about that. Frustratingly, it has affected us too with production and many suppliers are now sat in backlog queues waiting for products to finish as factories are forced to catch up with demand. We are pushing as best as we can in the lines as we are faced with our own production delays.

 1.2m aluminium gutter cleaning poles will be back in stock approx 8th August.
The 100% 51mm 1.5m carbon fibre poles will be back in stock mid-end July
The lightest 1.5m 25ft aluminium poles ARE in stock and these are limited to 25ft, if you do need them with a machine please contact us to arrange for you.

Our GVS black top 3000w and 3600w vacuums will be here for you mid to end of July

The GVS Industrial 3600 cyclonic vacuum is in stock.
The GVS Predator will be due mid-end July.

We apologise for this inconvenience caused by the pandemic, it isn’t ideal and not something we nor others could have avoided. But we will ensure you have all of the equipment you need well ahead of autumn for when gutter cleaning really gets busy.

Please bear with us as definitive dates cannot be released so we are working to approx dates though we are working as hard as we can to fulfil orders and keep you updated on our social media and website as smoothly as we possibly can.

Mark and Julia.

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