GVS Light Weight 51mm Aerospace Aluminium Gutter Vacuum Pole Set

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GVS Gutter Cleaning Pole Set

This gutter cleaning pole set comes with everything you need to use with your own wet and dry vacuum allowing you to clean gutters safely from the ground.

The traditional method of gutter cleaning was by using a ladder to then scoop the debris from the gutters using one hand whilst standing on the ladder holding on with the other and trying to hold a bag or bucket. With this pole set combined with your wet and dry vacuum you can now access areas that where previously inaccessible and clean gutters safely and effectively.

Blocked gutters will reduce or even stop water flow, the water will build up and it will usually find it’s way into the property causing expensive damage, blockages can build up in gutters usually in inaccessible places where people have been unable to clean like above conservatories, extensions and areas where the ground is unsuitable to place a ladder. This problem is eliminated with GVS’s gutter vacuum pole systems. With our pole set combined with your wet and dry vacuum access is gained with ease and offers a cost effective solution to gutter cleaning.

Suitable for 90% of your 2 storey buildings.

GVS Product Includes
Aerospace aluminimum poles
4 x Quick release pole clamps
1 x Silicon head
1 x Silicon reducer (vacuum connector)
2 x Gutter nozzles (1 wide, 1 narrow)
2 x Jubilee clips

Each pole is 1.2 metres long
Weighs just 535 grams each
Diameter 51mm.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Pole Height

20ft, 28ft, 32ft, 36ft, 40ft


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