Carbon Fibre Gutter Cleaning poles

Here is GVS’s range of unbelievably strong carbon fibre gutter cleaning equipment

When in the process of ordering these we tried and tested a huge amount of carbon fibre gutter cleaning poles before deciding on these. Being fully confident in these poles they were chosen for you because they are extremely strong and robust.

We had an enormous range of sample carbon fibre gutter cleaning poles that just wasn’t up to the job and we found issues with the poles sticking, one set split down the end and was really not safe.

Having used this particular set for a number of months at a 40ft reach and above plus loaning them out to a local gutter cleaning contractor for a second opinion they fully support GVS’s choice in the product.

We saw an image online of a competitor sitting on their pole to show the strength, now the guy was a lot lighter than Mark (founder of GVS) and had his feet on the surface of the floor for balance so we at Gutter Vacuum Systems thought we would recreate something to show you the strength of our poles and here it is, oh and bear in mind Mark is 6ft 4in and 18.5 stone!

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