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gutter vacuum systems logoGutter Vacuum Systems Ltd is a supplier of gutter cleaning machines, pumps, fluid handling components, agricultural and industrial spraying products, pressure washers, pressure wash accessories and cleaning equipment. We are a UK based online store for high quality industrial and domestic cleaning equipment and replacement parts from leading manufacturers such as Interpump, Pratissoli, Honda, Hatz, Lombardini, Whirlaway, Mosmatic and more.

We offer the widest selection of pumps, pump accessories, engines, pressure washers and generators for all domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications!

We can help you find the spare parts and accessories you need at the lowest prices online and deliver them worldwide.

Gutter Cleaning Machines

Our gutter cleaning machines can significantly reduce the risk of accidents as the operator has their feet firmly on the ground whilst cleaning out gutters. It is also a faster process than getting the ladder out, climbing up and removing the debris by hand whilst trying to hold onto the ladder and scooping out the debris with the other.

You can clean an average 3 bedroom house from pulling up to driving away in around 30 minutes which is so much quicker than you would be able to do it had you climbed up a ladder. A major safety plus is that your feet stay safely on the ground at all times.